Mitsuhiro Eto President and Director

Becoming a Core Metal One Group Company That Contributes to Society

Metal One Steel Products Corporation was launched as part of the establishment of Metal One Corporation through the January 2004 merger of NIK Metal Corporation and NI Steel Products Co., Ltd., starting anew as a strategic core Metal One Group company in the value chains of midstream and downstream wire operations.

Along with our Tokyo and Osaka headquarters, we operate domestically from bases in Sendai, Shizuoka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, offering one-stop service capabilities primarily for secondary and tertiary wire products and supplying customers with a broad range of steel products. Additionally, we have endeavored to go beyond distribution and offer more added value by expanding product sales through partnerships with manufacturers and processors, and by developing new markets.

In overseas operations we have posted representatives worldwide, including South America and Europe, as well as our main operations in Asia and North and Central America, coordinating with Metal One Corporation and the various Nifast Corporation affiliates that principally warehouse and retail bolts, nuts and other fasteners. We have devised systems as a united group to optimize our international procurement capabilities and respond to our customers’ diverse requirements.

Our view is that contributing to society through our business is vital. At the same time, we as employees continue to challenge ourselves by individually setting high aspirations, constantly training and improving ourselves, and maintaining the strong belief that we should always contribute to society.

Mitsuhiro Eto
President and Director

Five Action Guidelines

  1. Be positive, spontaneous and energetic.
  2. Think for yourself and take action based on your thoughts, knowing that if you change, others will change.
  3. Aspire to be a globally competitive leader.
  4. Combine the ingenuity of individuals and the cohesiveness of the group into a force like no other.
  5. Always consider whether your actions are socially correct before you act.