Wire Rods and Wire Products

Familiar products that are closely connected to our daily lives, wire rods and wire products are required in different forms such as nails, screws, springs, cables and wire mesh in a wide range of areas, whether in cars, home appliances, civil engineering or construction.

Utilizing our advantages in handling a full lineup—from raw materials to semi-finished and finished wire products—and a global network that includes the Metal One Group, we offer the best options to fit customer requirements and provide competitive products.

Product Lineup

●Steel wire rods
Low carbon steel wire rods, Bars in coil, Stainless steel wires
●Steel wire products
Low carbon steel wires, High-strength shear reinforcement bars, Annealed iron wires, Zinc-coated low carbon steel wires, Plastic coated wires, High carbon steel wires, Steel wires for springs, Steel wires for prestressed concrete, Steel bars for prestressed concrete, Special steel wires, Carbon steel wires for cold heading, Fine perform slugs, Deformed wires, Steel bars, Deformed cold-drawn steel bars, Stainless steel wires for cold heading, Stainless steel wires for springs, Stainless steel bars, Titanium wires, Aluminum wires
●Tertiary wire products
Wire netting, Wire meshes, Rebar meshes, Hoop rebars, Wire ropes, Fastener products, Cutting products, Press processed products, Nails

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