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Nifast Business Model
With the world as its stage, the Nifast Group deals in bolts, nuts and other types of fasteners. Its network extends to India, Europe (Hungary) and the Americas (the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil).
Fasteners are indispensable to a wide spectrum of industry sectors, including cars, motorcycles, electrical machinery, construction equipment, industrial machinery, civil engineering and construction.
Procuring this vast, diverse product line from the most competitive manufacturers worldwide and conducting continuous inventory controls, Nifast inspects fasteners itself and delivers products to factory lines just in time.
Nifast’s job is to handle large-scale business models in a meticulous way.
MOS and Nifast support our customers’ global expansion by making optimum worldwide procurement of fastener products possible.
Note: Metal One (China) Corporation, Metal One (Guangzhou) Commerce Co., Ltd., and PT. Metal One Indonesia also have fastener warehousing and sales operations.

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Nifast HP

  • メタルワン鉄鋼製品販売
  • Nifast Hungary Kft.
  • Metal One (China) Corporation
  • Nifast India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Metal One (Guangzhou) Commerce Co.,Ltd.
  • Nifast Corporation
  • Nifast Canada Corporation
  • Nifast Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.
  • Nifast do Brasil Distribuição, Comércio e Importação Ltda
  • PT. Metal One Indonesia
  1. Nifast Hungary Kft.Nifast Hungary Kft.(Hungary)
    Address: H-2500, Esztergom, Ipari Park HRSZ:20377/24
  2. Nifast India Pvt. Ltd.Nifast India Pvt. Ltd.(India)
    Address: Khasra No.31/9/2, 12/2, Village Begumpur Khatola
    Narsinghpur N.H.-8, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India
  3. Nifast Canada CorporationNifast Canada Corporation(Canada)
    Address: 12 Underwood Road, Ingersoll, Ontario, N5C 3K1
  4. Nifast CorporationNifast Corporation(United States)
    Address: 815 Carol Court, Carol Stream, IL 60188 U.S.A.
  5. Nifast Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.Nifast Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)
    Address: Paseo de Venadero 108, Paseos de Aguascalientes,
    C.P.20924, Jesús María, Aguascalientes, Mexico
  6. Nifast do Brasil Distribuição, Comércio e Importação Ltda.Nifast do Brasil Distribuição, Comércio e Importação Ltda.(Brazil)
    Address: Rodovia Vice-Prefeito Hermenegildo Tonolli, no. 1500,
    Shed no.2, Jundiai, SP, 13213-086
  7. Metal One (China) Corporation
    Address: Rodovia Vice-Prefeito Hermenegildo Tonolli, no. 1500,
    Shed no.2, Jundiai, SP, 13213-086
  8. Metal One (Guangzhou) Commerce Co.,Ltd.
    Address: Room2802,28th Floor,CITIC Plaza.233 Tianhe North
    Road, Guangzhou,China
  9. PT. Metal One Indonesia
    Address: Sentral Senayan II , 18th Floor Jl.Asia Afrika No.8,
    Jakarta 10270 - Indonesia