CSR Charter


To contribute to the creation of an affluent society, Metal One Steel Products Corporation is committed to the creation of values through business activities in conformity with the three criteria for corporate social responsibility listed below:

  1. To obey all official laws and regulations, and behave responsibly in line with accepted social standards.
  2. To be considerate of the global environment.
  3. To contribute to the well-being of humankind and society.

Our Approach to CSR

Metal One Steel Products Corporation has many different stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, governments, NPOs, and communities. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we will strive to contribute to the sustainable development of society by making both compliance and the environment priorities while doing right by each of our stakeholders: meeting our customer needs, returning value to shareholders, creating a workplace where employees feel safe and secure, and maintaining harmonious relations with the public sector and the community.

Environmental Charter

Conscious of being a “global citizen” as proclaimed in our corporate philosophy, we hereby set forth our environmental charter, manifesting our desire to strive for sustainable social development through corporate activities that are solidly in harmony with our natural environment.

  1. Respect the Natural Environment
    We will vigilantly endeavor to reduce our environmental impact and protect the environment, as well as to preserve biodiversity.
  2. Contribute to Building a Recycling-Oriented Society
    We will strive for the sustainable, effective use of resources and energy, and contribute to building a recycling-oriented society.
  3. Create and Advance Environmental Values
    We will reduce our environmental impact and protect the environment, always striving to create and advance environmental values.
  4. Comply with Laws and Rules
    We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations, and conduct ourselves in conformity with international codes of conduct.

Environmental Management Policy

- Basic Philosophy

Recognizing that environmental issues with worldwide implications include problems that will extend to subsequent generations, Metal One Steel Products Corporation will work to conserve and improve the global environment through wholesome corporate and CSR activities as we endeavor to achieve sustainable growth.

- Code of Conduct

We will act in accordance with the following code of conduct, implementing Metal One Steel’s basic environmental philosophy as we carry out activities related to sales of steel products in Japan and abroad, as well as pursue CSR activities.

  1. Comply with environmental laws and regulations
    We will comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations that pertain to our business activities.
  2. Conserve the natural environment
    We will consider the impact our corporate and CSR activities have on natural ecosystems and strive to conserve the natural environment.
  3. Create a recycling-oriented society
    We will strive to create a recycling-oriented society by reducing, reusing and recycling waste generated during our business activities.
  4. Use resources and energy effectively
    We recognize that resources and energy are finite, and will strive to use them as effectively as possible in our business activities.
  5. Establish environmental management
    Using environmental management systems, we will set environmental goals and objectives and verify, review and continuously improve our efforts to prevent pollution and minimize our environmental impact.
  6. Conduct training and education on environmental issues
    We will conduct timely training and education to ensure that our personnel are properly informed about environmental issues and able to carry out business activities with consideration for the environment.
  7. Disseminate and disclose environmental policies
    These environmental policies will be disseminated to all employees and broadly disclosed to our various stakeholders.

Mitsuhiro Eto
President and Director

- Environmental Report

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2017 environmental report (114 kb)